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School Feeding Program
Beehive Project

School Feeding Program

Bronze Sponsor - $50

5 Children 

Guarantees adequate nutrition for 5 children for a month.

Silver Sponsor - $100

10 Children

Assists in providing 10 children with a daily meal every month.

Gold Sponsor - $300


Through your generous donation, you're enabling the provision of nutritious meals for a whole class every month.

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Stationary Support - $25 per student/year 

Supplies necessary school materials for one student annually.

Backpack Bundle - $50 per student/year

The backpack bundle ensures each student is equipped with a backpack containing stationery and books for the entire year.

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Donate a school desk - $75/desk

Many schools lack proper desks, leaving children seated on the floor.

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Beehive Community Empowering Program

Honey Heroes

Hive Friend - $50 per hive/year

Support the planet by adopting a beehive! Your help boosts pollination, honey production, and protects the environment.

Hive Supporter - $100

Your support funds educational materials for local beekeeping workshops. Back the planet!

Hive Champion - $200

Your support not only sustains and expands our beehive project but also contributes to the vital role of bees in preserving ecosystems and fostering biodiversity through responsible beekeeping practices.

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Ways You Can Donate

Visit Us In Person

We are located in the Fisenge Area, Kitwe, Zambia. We welcome visitors who wish to learn more about our programs and ventures.

Donate Online

You can donate to Shema Skills Training & Development securely online. Your contribution will help us continue our work and make a difference in the lives of communities in rural Zambia.

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Donate By Email

To donate by email, please send us an email at Our team will get in touch with you to guide you through the process.

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