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We have deeply valued the strong and close bonds we have cultivated with the Mashata family since 2006. Their collaboration has been instrumental in advancing economic development and fostering positive transformations in the Ikilenge area. In 2018, we were immensely proud to provide the Mashata family with 800 beehives as part of our dedicated commitment to promoting sustainable growth.

Beyond strengthening our relationship with the Mashata family, we acknowledge the extensive impacts of our initiative, both financially and environmentally. By supplying the Mashata family and subsequently supporting 80 farmers in the Fisenge, Mapossa, and Kakolo Rural District Beehive Project, we are not only contributing to the economic well-being of these communities but also addressing environmental concerns through sustainable practices.

The distribution of three beehives to each farmer goes beyond mere provision; it serves as an investment in their financial stability and empowerment. These beekeepers are now equipped with the essential tools to actively participate in the burgeoning beekeeping industry. In doing so, we aim not only to enhance the economic prosperity of the local communities but also to create a positive environmental impact by educating people about the environmental significance of bees in a community and protecting our bees.

Beehive initiative

Beekeepers in the Fisenge Area
Completed Shema Skills Training & Development Beehive
Beehives being assembled
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