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SHEMA SKILLS TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT is committed to job creation, raising entrepreneurs, providing opportunities for training, equipping individuals, and promoting the well-being of the children in our surrounding communities.

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School Feeding Programme

School Feeding program

Our nonprofit org

School Feeding Program

Our nonprofit operates school feeding programs that utilize a nutritious porridge mix, addressing hunger, promoting children's well-being, and supporting their physical, cognitive development, and educational outcomes...

Beehive Initiative


Since 2006, our strong ties with the Mashata family have been instrumental in driving economic development in the  Ikilenge area, Kitwe, Zambia. In 2018, we proudly supplied them with 500 beehives, a testament to our commitment to sustainable growth. Expanding our support, we provided...

Teachers' Accreditation

teacher support

Shema's comprehensive support system recognizes that teachers need more than just tangible resources; they also require emotional well-being and opportunities for professional growth to excel in their roles...

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School Desk Project

School Desk Project

 We are involved in providing assistance with school desks for the school we support. Proper desks play a crucial role in promoting comfortable and effective learning environments for students. 

Stationary Support

stationary support

Our program supplies vital school supplies to schools in need, addressing financial challenges faced by many families. We tirelessly work to ensure students have the necessary tools, sending a powerful message of support, fostering belonging, and enhancing the overall educational experience.

Adult Reading Programme

adult reading program

Shema's adult reading program empowers lives through literacy, offering robust support and resources for adults seeking to enhance their reading skills. With tailored instruction, engaging materials, and supportive mentors, we create a safe and encouraging environment for learners to improve their reading proficiency at their own pace.

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